Website Wülfrather Waschpark

The new website of the German company Baudepot Küpper GmbH & Co. KG in Velbert was a complete new development because the old website was technically outdated.

This website was originally developed for WordPress 3.8 and the CherryFramework 3.1. Meanwhile the website runs on WP 4.5.3 and CF 3.1.5 which underlines the flexibility of WordPress in terms of the ability to maintain it up to date.

As a layout base was used a template from, which was altered and modificated based on the needs of Baudepot Küpper. Changes took places in the CSS, Responsive CSS, PHP Templates and in the Plugins as well.

Together with the creation of the new website took place the setup of a new web server to host this project and the upcoming web activities.

 4 August 2016