Website Leo Ridano

The new website of the photographer Leo F. Ridano was a complete new development because the old website was technically outdated and did not fulfill the needs of a modern website for a photographer who wants to present his portfolio.

This website was originally developed for WordPress 4.9 and a special template for photographers named SOHO. Meanwhile the website runs on WP 4.9.6 and PHP 7.x which underlines the flexibility of WordPress in terms of the ability to maintain it up to date.

As a layout base was used a template from, which was altered and modified based on the needs of Patagonia Argentina Photo. Changes have been made in the CSS, the Responsive CSS, the PHP Templates and in the Shortcodes and Widgets as well.

The most advanced modifications tough, happened in the search and in JS and AJAX. The website has a complete new search based on WordPress WP_Query(), JS and AJAX.

The goal of the website was to present the portfolio of the photographer in amore modern way and to offer bilingual support with Spanish and English.

 8 June 2018