The shop and website of the grill & bbq Akademie Niederberg is a complete new development due to the fact that the Cherry-Framework 3.1.5 does not support PHP 7.x.

This website is using WordPress 4.9.x, the BeTheme-Framework WooCommerce 3.x as the commercial shop solution. Meanwhile the development of the website and the shop we kept WordPress, BeTheme-Framework and WooCommerce up to date to prevent compatibility problems when the website finally went online.

As a layout base we’re using a template from the BeTheme-Framework, which will be altered and modified based on the needs of grill & bbq Akademie Niederberg. Changes will me made in the CSS, Responsive CSS, PHP Templates and in the Plugins as well. Minor changes will be made to the shop functionality to maintain the stability of this complex product.

The logo was especially designed for this website, made by a professional design firm in Cologne, Germany.

WooCommerce is responsable for the selling of the tickets for the courses.

 4 August 2016